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Bullying is such a serious problem and it often involves three parts of people: bully, victim and bystander. In this interactive space, i would like to provide a chance for everyone to view things through three different perspectives.

Duration: August - September, 2019

Team: Individual work

Location: Beijing, China

Tools: Rhino, AI, Photoshop, Procreate


 Globally, bullying and physical violence affects around one in three children.


30% of female students are bullied.

22% of male students are bullied.

44% of students who identify in another way are bullied.

- Stage of bullying

1. Bullying begins

Online bully

Interact bully

Direct bully

1. Bullying begins

Online bully

Interact bully

Direct bully

2. Identifying victims

Being sensitive

Social withdrawn

Low self-esteem

3. Fueling the fire

Use power

Want attention

Want peer acceptance

4. Effects of bullying

Feel anxiety

Difficulty in concentrating


5. Coping mechanisms

Seek for help

Miss school


6. Putting a stop to bullying

WHY this happens?

Effects of Bullying

Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, school, and mental health issues

1. Decreased academic achievement—GPA and standardized test scores—and school participation.

2. They are more likely to miss, skip, or drop out of school

3. Depression and anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy.

4. These issues may persist into adulthood Health complaints



- Design concept

On each one’s position, there is always a decision-making process that could either reduce or increase bullying. Everyone counts no matter a victim, a bully or a bystander. 


Keep bullying

or stop hurting others?


Stand side

or do something?


Tolerate by myself or call for help?

- Project goal

A chance to view things through three different perspectives. Different results come from users’ actions. Enhance empathy and raise awareness through the process.

- Storyboard & Walking path

People walk in "No Bullying" interactive space and experience by themselves through a series of actions.

1. Enter

2. Register self fingerprint information on the screen

3. Enter the first space - bully side

4. Use the items: scissor, classroom desk and table and baseball bat

5. See screen projection

6. Enter the second space - victim side

7. Interact with the transparent screen by touching and speaking

8. See screen projection and printed messages

9. Stay at ‘Feel everything’ area 

10. Verify the fingerprint

11. Read the report

12. Leave


6. Stay at ‘Feel everything’ Area

There is a place for people to sit, chat or watch things happening there

7. Finger Recognition

There is a finger recognition at the exit for record to display

8. Read the report

Everyone will receive a specific report according to what has happened inside

5. Use the items

There are three interactions forms in the second space: voice tube, message board and the screen 

4. Screen projection

When touching the items, it will bring changes to the images on the screen

3. Use the items

There are three items in the first space: scissor, baseball bat and class desk and chair

2.Fingerprint information

Every action indoor will be recorded by fingerprint

1. Enter

Screen display

In the middle of the space, there is a screen showing different contents on bully side and victim side.

- Bully side

Once  the user touches the item, there will be some injuries on screen’s face. When someone use the scissor, there will show a new blood mark on the screen. When someone use the bat or touch the desk and chair, there will show bruises on the face. More times the person gets hurt, the screen gets darker and finally becomes black.

- Victim side

Once the user touch the front transparent screen,  the broken glass will fix little by little and the injuries on back screen will recover gradually as well. It means every little actions may help the victim to get over. 

There are two layers of screens at victim side. One is front transparent screen with glass cracks. The other one is back screen with an injured face.

How front transparent screen changes?

How back screen changes?


When the user experiences the whole process and exists, he can get a self-report by recognizing own figerprint on the machine. The report contains what the user has done or leave in the room and data about actions. For example, at the front, you touched weapons or you could have stopped the bully for how many times and, at the back, you helped or make public more aware of bully for how many times.

Detail Rendering Picture

Thank you!




- Interactive installation A multi-functional wall system combined elementary tables and chairs to replace the original temporary plastic wall, allowing both visitors and students more flexibility and convenience.



- Interactive installation It employed C language connected to LEDs, screens, and switches with Arduino for an interactive light display that meant to affirm the user’s connection to the world, as a being who leaves lasting impressions.



-App Covid 19 makes it impossible for people to travel far abroad. With "WorldEverywhere" app, everyone can easily explore “world” attractions near home.

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