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An interactive installation explores the relationship between the world and the person and the boundary between existence and non-existence.

Duration: July - August, 2019

Team: Individual work

Location: Beijing, China

Tools: Arduino, LEDs, Projector, Wire, Glass


One day, i happened to see this: it is normal to drop a hair on the head; if you drop one, you don't have to worry; if you lose one, you still don't have to worry... In the long run, a hair falls and finally the bald appears. This phenomenon is called  "The Bald Man Paradox" in philosophy.


What is it about?

 "The Bald Man Paradox" is about vagueness.

 •Philosophers normally think of ‘bald’ as a vague predicate

• There are borderline cases of being bald

• These are cases where it isn’t clear whether someone counts as bald or not      

   • • These aren’t cases that come up because we can’t get a good look at someone’s head      

   • • We can know the exact number of hairs that they have, but be unable to say whether or not they are bald


Design Thinking

Vagueness is an attribute of existence and non-existence. 

Key words

The critical point changing from existence to non-existence evolves subjectivity, intervention and emotional changes.

Ideation of Critical Point

In this stage, I wish people to feel about the changing process and the critical point in order to affirm the connection with the world, also as a being who leaves lasting impressions.


I use the wire frame and the arrangement of LED lights to symbolize the changing world. The criss-crossing point and line, as we are in this world, is complicated in law. Every time you touch the device, the corresponding light will be generated. Back screen will response for each action, which means emotional changes inside. This represents the critical point among existing objects. As people continue to touch, response speed of the objects and back screen will increase.

Designing the Function Flow

Needed Components

I use LED lights to build the object and connect it with a Arduino UNO. A switch is linked as well to provide a trigger for lightning. The item is placed on a glass. Then back screen with residual images is connected with a projector and a laptop.


(1) Circuit diagram

(2) Screen code

(3) Light code

Constructing the Installation

There are eight steps of making process: test lights, build rigs and sold; color black; link to basis circuit; build connection; coding; make the basis; display set and test.

Process Recording & Final Exhibition!

What I learned

In the process, it has honed my hands-on skills and how to translate ideas into reality. Even when I encountered many difficulties, I was able to solve problems and seek advice and help from others to improve my design.

Where to improve

Presentation format

Although this design is a reflection on a philosophical question, is this presentation now the optimal solution?is it the most intuitive and the most infectious one?

Less & Better

​All designs should be based on the central idea, and attention should be paid to how to streamline the elements and present the design in the most concise form.


Learn more on coding part with a more efficient working next time.

Thank you!




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