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This new short-term rental system centered with a tiny house container, which is movable, convenient, affordable and environmental-friendly.

Duration: August - September, 2020

Team: Individual work

Location: Beijing, China

Tools: AI, Sketch, Procreate 

The problem

Intern salary and cost

Moving homes is common in USA. However, it is much harder for intern students who only stay at one place for a short period of time as they need to figure out how to move and where to live within their limited budget.

The outcome

In order to address the problem, I designed this new short-term rental system that is centered with a tiny house container. The system is movable, convenient, affordable and environmental-friendly.

The process

How it all came together and what I've deliberated to make this system convenient, movable & affordable.


- Top 5 largest city’s annual moving population

- General Moving Statistics

- Complaints on moving



I interviewed with 8 college students, who all have short-term housing experience. The interview content evolved how they find an intern housing, how they move there, who do they meet in the process, what they need to do and how they feel before, during and after their internship. 

Concerned Factors on Each Stage

-Relating methods

I summarized some of relating methods after interviews and compared strengths and weaknesses for each.

(1) Renting websites

Apartments :  Apartments and Homes for Rent

InternHousing: Provide interns the ability to be matched with a suitable property

Housing Anywhere: Mid to Long-Term Rentals in 400+ cities

Airbnb: Vacation Rentals, Homes, Hotels, Experiences & More

Vrbo: Book your vacation rentals: beach houses, cabins

Booking: The best hotels & accommodations


quite reliable; have month rentals; quantity of choices


expensive; uncertainty of roommates; unsure of room authenticity; lease unbreakable

(2) Tiny house mode

New Frontier Tiny House: Welcome to your perfect tiny home

TumbleWeedHouses: Tiny Houses For Sale

KODA: create more time, space and freedom


movable; customized; easy to transport


expensive; need time to wait; need special and legal parking space; only for sale, not for renting

Journey Map

After studying the background and researching, i concluded a journey map that user will go through during the internship. There are five parts including stage, action, emotion, pain points and needs. 


Design Model


2. If unpredictable situation occurs during internship, customers could move house to wherever they want

1. When heading to destination, customers can bring whatever they want with them from home


3. Submit all requirements online such as mending, buying, cleaning or moving and the staff will provide room service

1. Self check-in and check-out

2. Online book a container and online payment. There is no need to meet landlord to handover

Convenience & Customized 

3. Customers can have enough time for preparations and no need in a hurry 

1. Customized own room and rent daily necessities

2. Before and after internship, tiny room is transported directly to customer’s home for easy unpacking

Service Flow

Drive cabinet by self

Get notified by arriving container near front door and self check-in

Receive intern offer from company and then download HomeEverywhere

Assess own needs and submit order online

Pack things needed and directly put them into cabinet

Request for cleaning, mending and moving service

Decorate own room when free before heading to intern place

Follow the navigation and arrive at the designated garage

Request for driving service and leave with little luggage

Tidy up everything and self check-out

Pay online

Directly head to new designated place

Departure time warning

Story Board

Intern program

I am fortunate to get a 3-month internship in SPLUNK(SF), where I will work 8 hours per day (40 USD per hour paid ). I want to live near the company. However, it is quite expensive to live in the center of San Francisco. I am finding a suitable, affordable and trust worthy housing.

Basic information

I am 20 years old, a junior majoring in computer science in UCLA. I live in a shared room in school dormitory. In class, I am a Teaching assistant , love to social and communicate with others. I also like to travel at spare time. At home, i am quite lazy and like to be in my own private space

This includes settlement place and basic settings of tiny house container

Submit order

Before internship

During internship

Your room parks right beside your house. Decorate and settle down before departure

Move Things

into Container

 After oder submits, staff will arrive at spot 1 to prepare for housing


You could call driver service or choose to drive by yourself

Daniel’s Container parks at Spot 1 near the SPLUNK, Daniel takes a walk to company every morning

Order cleaning, mending & moving service

After internship

Depart - Move things out - Pay online

Service Blueprint

Thank you!




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