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Covid 19 makes it impossible for people to travel far abroad. With "WorldEverywhere" app, everyone can easily explore “world” attractions near home.

Duration: October - November, 2020

Team: Individual work

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Tools: Unity, Tools: Sketch, Figma, Procreate, AI, Photoshop, Imovie

The problem

Due to COVID-19, people are unable to travel abroad like before. Though there are some solutions like AR travel, VR travel and travel vlogs, they miss the essence of traveling: Go out and experience.

The outcome

In order to address the problem, I designed a mobile app called WorldEverywhere to help people easily explore "world" attractions around them, have fun with friends and parents and feel like traveling the world

So how does WorldEverywhere work?


Explore "world" spots around you by simply rotating, moving  and zooming. Each 3D model represent the most similar attraction in the world.

Spot card detail

Click on the "World" mark, reading card about details of both local and abroad spots

See nearby spots

You could check surrounding attractions by methods of visual map or list.

Post and make a "world" mark

Click on the post to share recent engaging local journey. After posting, you will get the most similar “world” attraction photo and details from backend photo gallery. What's more, you will get a "world" mark on map!

Generate own world journey map

Enter into profile and learn more about your own world map that record every place that you have been to.

The process

How it all came together and what I've deliberated to make this experience convenient & enjoyable.


In light of the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, a number of governments have issued entry restrictions, visa suspensions and quarantine measures for travelers.

However, those who can't travel far in COVID 19 are only a small fraction of people are unable to go abroad. There are several reasons that people don't travel far.

1. Limited budget

“There are much costs on transportation, accommodation, travel tickets, food, souvenirs and other a lot.”

“It is impossible to travel on a limited budget.”

“I have no money. “

4. Fear

They fear being cheated on the road; they fear getting hurt during the trip; they fear not having the ability to handle the trip; they fear something will happen to them.

2. No time

“I have family responsibilities.”

“I have children”

“I’ve got a mortgage and a job.”

3. No travel partner

"Could’t find anyone willing to travel together."

" I am afraid of being lonely during the trip."

5. Stress of making plans

They don’t think traveling is a natural way to melt away tension and stress. To get things rolling, just book something cheap and easy and let your anxiety float away.

Current market solutions to help people experience is VR travel, AR travel and travel vlogs.

AirPano - focus on taking high-resolution aerial 360° photographs and 360° video

Visual Immersion

1. Virtual reality travel experiences typically refer to VR tourism videos made for VR headsets. These virtual travel experiences aim to create a feeling that is as much like being in the real destination as is possible.

Oculus Go - Standalone VR Headset

2. With the help of the Augmented Reality app, you can display useful information in an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Augmented reality travel app quickly engages customers with its interactivity and provides a unique user experience.

True restoration

3. Travel Vloggers take their camera on adventures and share their experiences through their perspective. People LOVE to live vicariously through what Vloggers are doing and it inspires them to take the leap to start their own adventure.

New perspectives

Go Out and Experience

However,  they are missing the essence of traveling:


I happened to see an article comparing the world attractions spots with spots in Taiwan. It was so surprising that there was so many beautiful places that i haven't been to even though i born here and lived for long long long time. Are they "same places" in Taiwan?

Then, I travelled some of those places in Taiwan and found that they were much similar to those abroad. Even such a domestic trip made me feel like traveling abroad and totally relaxed myself.


I wonder whether people consider homeland as an interesting travel place as foreign places. Do they have peripheral travels? What advantages and disadvantages they think between peripheral travel, domestic travel and oversea travel? Do these differences speak to their destination choice? Then, i interviewed.





2020.10.20 *20



Why you go for a trip? What is the most difficult part in the trip?

How to define peripheral travel? How often is it?  How long? How you go? How to get city-periphery travel information? Is it hard to decide where to go? Rank following factors by importance (price, time, transportation, travel partner, destination quality)




1. 18 to 24 years old: Strong social attributes, price sensitive, more inclined to content output, happy to make new friends; 24 to 30 years old: Less sensitive to price, pursuing beautiful scenery and photo-taking, willing to make new friends, less frequent going out, stronger expectation of going out for travel

2. They all prefer to travel locally and explore more local places during this 2020 special period.

3. Lots of them find it is hard to find concentrated information on niche, seldom-visited but beautiful attractions.

Persona & User Journey Map

Based on the research findings and interviews, persona  and user journey map was constructed. The user journey map displays the journey of finding a peripheral travel destination and people’s thoughts and emotions while doing it.


"To provide an information and sharing platform to explore more peripheral spots for people who want to but cannot travel abroad.  Make it easier and applicable for their dream travels to come true and total relax themselves."

- User flow

- Information structures

- Wireframe

- Coding

Final display

What I learned

Where to improve

Independent thinking ability

In this particular period, I thought about how I can make the situation better through my own design and how I can help people and the community.


I gained the courage to put a seemingly impractical idea into practice.

Design skills

I reflected the style I wanted to design and the feeling of use in the final design, hoping to give the user a sense of immersion with a more technological image

Thank you!


Improve the smoothness of interaction

I want to provide a more comfortable user experience in every detail.

Expand the scale

If I were to have more time, I wish to dive deeper into how to scale the design to more branches.



-Service Design Bullying is such a serious problem and it often involves three parts of people: bully, victim and bystander. In this design, i would like to provide a chance for everyone to view things through three different perspectives.



-Experience Redesign Several bus stops are several information station. Using the app with augmented reality technology, citizens can conveniently obtain useful information of buses, stops and their communities.



- Interactive installation Bullying is such a serious problem and it often involves three parts of people: bully, victim and bystander. In this design, i would like to provide a chance for everyone to view things through three different perspectives.

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